Human Resource Center

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EAST WEST Human Resource Center Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh is a branch office of EAST WEST PLACEMENT CENTER, INC. whose headquarter is in Makati City, Philippines. EWPCI is the leading recruitment company for overseas employment in the Philippines deploying thousands land-based workers every year.

East West Human Resource Center Ltd, which is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, provides manpower to clients of EWPCI. East West recognizes the scarcity of skilled workers and the growing demand by employers for skilled categories. East West has designed solutions targeting specific client requirements and is taking pro-active steps to recruiting.

Due to the increased global need of skilled workers, East West is now developing the resource of qualified candidates by training them. East West Human Resource Center Ltd, build its own training facilities EW TRAINING CENTER to cater the demands for skill workers, also we arranged access to affiliates training school, provides tailor-made courses for candidates with or without basic background to develop them into highly qualified workers.

By developing candidates, East West can meet large volume requirements of clients. Employers who choose not to select from our pool of trained candidates may also opt to send their own workers to our training centers for upgrading to optimize their workforce.

Employers with large upcoming projects or who require continuous supply of workers can greatly benefit from our services.